Life has been uphill this summer----tightly scheduled, hot and muggy, and played out against an unenthusiastic economy.   However, one occasionally steals a moment here or there---an hour spent with cousins too seldom seen, mussels with bright amusing friends, likewise too seldom seen (have I remembered to send a thank-you note?  Is September too late?).   This weekend, was especially crowded with people and events, but one was able to steal a happy hour from packing for an Antiques show to visit with a cousin too seldom seen, and then, in the evening, dinner with friends also too seldom seen, up for the week.

I'll soon be back to posting about antiques, architecture and the usual subjects, honest, and if DPC is still speaking to me, I'll finish four pieces I've been working on for him.   In the meantime, three of the nicer minutes of my weekend---for which I had to pay by working Sunday to catch up.  No fun goes unpunished up in the Puritan air of eastern Maine: 

  Here is the Dilettante having sunset swim with friends before dinner, a fog bank rolling in  to take off the heat of the day---Thanks Wendell, dinner was delicious!

And here is the Dilettante having a glass of wine with another friend, admiring her lovely late summer garden and watching boats go by, after both of us spent a twelve hour day working at an Antiques show for benefit of a museum whose boards both sit on.  The shadows are growing longer....

Back soon, with the usual tales.  In the meantime, a preview of things on my mind:

A Lost Garden

Fletcher Steele Down East

A grand house that saw many lives

 Chicago spends the summer Down East

Greater Down Town Head Tide, Maine

Lord Kavanaugh's Mills

 Down East Real Estate Highs & Woes

The Genius of Place

Columns along the Kennebec

 Columns beside the Golf Course---A Temple for the Arts Down East

Republicans are not always ungrateful

A Federal Case

Elsie Does Regency

Looking at Color Theory

When the Dilettante went green

An artisan's bungalow
Rich Down East Dilettantes & their personal museums
(Not to be confused with poor Down East Dilettantes & their personal blogs)

Mr. Rockefeller & Mr. Atterbury channel Hansel & Gretel

See you soon.


Beth said...

Now this is an enticing preview of your fall writing! A blog entry about the beautiful spot you had lunch would be lovely - I believe it may have been part of a garden tour years ago. The other pictures are very intriguing and I can't wait to read what you have to say about them. Your blog is a bright spot to my days.

Clara Walmsley said...

Thuya ! I am so missing Maine. Have a house in NEH and am back in New Orleans for a few weeks . Love checking in with your blog to know that Maine still exists. When I was a child, I had this notion that my summer haven disappeared into the mist during the winter months :)

ArchitectDesign™ said...

Well, I'm looking forward to these future posts for sure! Enjoy the rest of the summer weather up there before the winter cold sets in!

Michele from Boston said...

Can't wait! Enjoy what's left of the summer.

Mark D. Ruffner said...

Now, there's a great idea for blogs — coming attractions! I vote for a grand house that saw many lives, and an artisan's bungalow.

Donna Seger said...

I always look forward to fall, and now I have one more reason (or several): thanks for the post and preview!

home before dark said...

So I have gotten a sneak peak inside your head and it's very, very crowded. Look forward to your posts when you have the time.

ps It's going be 102 here today with a heat index of 110. Makes me cranky in an expletives undeleted sort of way.

Pigtown*Design said...

Can't wait to read about the grand house with many lives... it's amazing by this small peek!

ChipSF said...

Well, I am late to this party but I'll chime in anyway. Looking forward to all these upcoming posts but especially a "lost garden" and "chicago spends the summers down east". Cheers

Hill Country House Girl said...

Just found you and so glad I did! As far as I am concerned you live in heaven, at least during the summer and early fall. We are dying in the heat of Texas and wish we could be in Maine. Love it there and get there as often as we can. So looking forward to your posts!

N. Chandeliers said...

Give yourself a break and enjoy the summer. This place is just perfect to spend the summer. Reward yourself.