Many newcomers  to Maine bring with them the tribal garb of their former lives.  One mud season later, things usually sort out, and Prada moves to the back of the closet.  Therefore, as a public service The Downeast Dilettante presents these quick guides, first in a series.

 Everything You Need to Know About Shopping in Down East Maine:
  1. Marden's Surplus & Salvage
  2. Reny's Department Store
  3. L.L. Bean Factory Outlet
Everything You Need to Know About Fashion in Down East Maine
  1. Marden's Surplus & Salvage
  2. Reny's Department Store
  3. L.L. Bean Factory Outlet
Everything Else You Need to Know About Fashion in Down East Maine
  1. Polar Fleece
  2. Polar Fleece
  3. Polar Fleece
Everything You Need to Know About the Official State Symbols
  1. State Tree---Eastern White Pine
  2. State  Bird---Black Cap Chickadee
  3. State Fabric----Polar Fleece. 
 Fun Facts
  1. Not all  merchandise at Reny's  is inscribed 'Souvenir of Maine'.  Some is inscribed 'Woolrich'.
  2. Contrary to rumor, L.L. Bean does not manufacture swim suits in polar fleece.  The spruce green polar fleece bikini is urban myth.
  3. I  have a friend who plays tennis in polar fleece.  Yes, in summer.

Any questions?  In our next installment of "Everything You Need to Know":  Dining in Down East Maine.


Blue said...

Thank you, Dilettante. That explains soooooooo much!

Lynne Rutter | the Ornamentalist said...

I know I rarely comment here but I am laughing out loud. Can you hear me laughing all the way in San Francisco? That whooping you are hearing in the wind? that's me laughing.

The Ancient said...

Oh great.

Next you're going to tell us that you don't really spend the entire winter padding around on 100-year-old snowshoes your great-grandfather first used when he was at St Throttlesex.


home before dark said...

My son went to school in Vermont and that's where I learned about the three seasons: winter, mud, summer. Next thing you are going to tell me is that there is a hockey team named Polar Fleece!

The Down East Dilettante said...

Blue, I live to enlighten

Lynne--- :-)

Ancient, wait and see...

HBD, those season are correctly referred to as winter, mud, and blackfly.

Patricia said...

This blog gets blacked out in Kennebunkport, right?

Because I've put in too much time shielding my summer guests from being exposed to the real Maine to have you spoil it for me now.

smilla4blogs said...

Yes, I certainly came with the tribal garb, if not the Prada. Are you sure I can't get a green fleece bathing suit around here? Gawd, that sounds useful!

Turner Pack Rats said...

re:dining in maine - i know you won't forget helen's but if you mention the much touted place in wis cassette, i will have lost all faith in you. also, altho cut in half, it would be nice to bring up the mardens of food i.e. Caswell's and there is now a mini caswells in unity at The Pit Stop right across the street from Unity Raceway which i'm sure you'll mention in your What to do on a Saturday Night in Maine guide. i'll be looking forward to it. (sidebar -where do these expressions come from anyway? how many people are looking backward to it and what the hell does "by and large" mean?)

security word def - unfortunately with the change in privacy policy at google, they are using a new anti- robot word system which appears not to be as much fun as the old system to wit: today's security word is - negzat omfarpr. now, how they knew the name of my ex wife escapes me but there you have it.

Reggie Darling said...

Most amusing!

P.Gaye Tapp at Little Augury said...

LL Bean trumps Prada any day in NC!pgt

Turner Pack Rats said...

one of the several xmas seasons i worked at beans, i worked in returns. the peak for this section is not december but january. at one point they had 212 trailer truck full of 37000 returned items. we had a big stack of boxes by my station that we worked on processing sending back to the store, to the outlet or to the employees store(where i shopped - $40 chinos at the e-store - 5 pairs for a dollar).we never got to the boxes on the bottom of the pile and i asked the guy who delivered more boxes every day, "Aren't beans afraid they'll be out of style by the time we get to them?" "in his laconic yankee, he said "no chance of that - they never were in style"

security word def - "gasedish niriemba" -what i ate last week at taco bell -oh my stomach!!!

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