The first day of Spring, we had bare earth and sunshine.  We'd had a Super Moon the night before, spectacular in the extreme. The harbingers were positive, but by the afternoon of the second day of Spring, Maine was up to its old tricks, and this morning, this is the scene from my back door.  We pay for every good day we get up here. This would be why we have summer people instead of spring people.  No fools they.

This is not a black & white photograph.
 Grumpy as these six inches of snow make me, the fact is that there is no real force to this last snow, the roads are clear, and it will be gone in a day or two.  But in the meantime...

I've been on jury duty, which means that I've been back in the flowered courtroom.  Back to regular posting in a few days, as soon as I've caught up on deadline projects.


Blue said...

I shall not tell you the kind of weather we in Atlanta have been having - I want to keep good relations!

ArchitectDesign™ said...

Still on jury duty? Hope it's at least interesting! We also got a blast of cooler air, but nowhere near cold enough to snow thank goodness!

Janet said...

Just remember, there's nothing like July in Maine . . . in the mean time, I am sending thoughts of little pink blossoms your way.

Raina Cox said...

"This is not a black & white photograph." - You slay me.

home before dark said...

Can't wait to hear about your being on duty in the flowered courtroom. In Kansas the super moon got clouded out. We've had days in the 80s and dip back to freezing and to celebrate spring, today we are in our first official tornado watch.

That sound you are hearing in my head banging on my desk....why, why, why, did I marry a Kansan...I understand some people actually live in lovely climates.

Anonymous said...

Look forward to your full return. Hopefully you can provide us with those delicious Dark Harbor posts I've been hearing rumblings about around the blogosphere for some time now.

The Sidekick said...

But today I ordered 2 fig trees, currant bushes and strawberries, in a strong stand that spring WILL come, and summer after. I am determined to have fruit other than blueberries and apples. And to make fig trees live here even if they have to come in for the winter -- like my limes!
The snow is melting quickly, the day lilies are peeking through and the crocus are showing color. Spring is coming although it's set back a bit today.
Can't wait to be out in the garden!

Ancestral Home said...

Oh dear. It is not a black & white photograph, is it? Thank goodness for gray, huh DED?

I guess I was just busy enough today to not notice the "drab" outside. Add a little sunshine and it can be very pretty. But I'm getting tired of pushing snow around for this year,so bring on Spring!

You and Sidekick have the right idea. It can only last so long and if you order it, it will come - eventually.

Turner Pack Rats said...

the old maine saying goes "if you can't stand the winters, you don't deserve the summers".
the first time i brought my then girlfriend up to the hill to meet the parents on May - yes i said MAY 7TH - it snowed 8 inches. she came from portland where it doesn't usually snow on May 7 and in fact when we left portland , it was raining.
the other popular Maine saying is:
If you don't like Maine weather, just wait a minute. Maine is on a latitudinal cusp. we are at the northern and southern ends of many migrations of birds so you see many birds you wouldn't expect in our varied climate but the tradeoff is how fast the weather changes and what a large change in temp and weather conditions you may get in the same day. many times we have a thuderstorm in the middle of a snowstorm. altho i get so i enjoy it less as i age, at least we don't get bored.

secuirty word def - "uncresse" - to take an uninteresting salad to the point of absolute boredom.