Several people have sent kind emails lately, asking why I've been blogging so little---the short answer is that I have several small projects that require big attention, always a problem for those of us easily distracted by shiny objects.

And then, there's the weather.  A week into Spring, this is the scene from the top of our little mountain today at about noon-thirty.  The blizzard moved out quickly---and by 6:30, all was clear.  And cold.  And windy.

A friend, a man of great scientific and technological abilities (and the common sense to be in Florida for the winter), has a weather station from which Wunderground.com picks up our local forecast (it doesn't get much better than being predicted from 1.5 miles away).  The reports for months have been uniformly dreary.  I emailed said friend, asking him if he couldn't adjust the equipment to predict higher temperatures and sunnier skies.  I knew it wasn't possible (as you can see below), but desperate times call for desperate measures.  He did re-assure me that he understood the temperature would be warmer in June.

That big white patch isn't a snowy meadow.  It's the frozen inner Harbor.  Did I mention that we are a week into Spring?  That in just seven weeks, Lilacs should be opening?

I've recently received a couple of interesting design books to review.  Maybe, if I can stir myself out of this torpor....but first, I have to remove this latest snow from the walks and steps.

Below, the forecast for the first week of April.  


RPS said...

A friend from PA today sent along this account of Maine rural culture, and I could only think, “Springtime, and the State Police snipers can still hide behind the snowbanks.’

columnist said...

Climate change? Somewhere in between what you have and what we have would be rather pleasant. Here our first rain this week for six months, but the temperature is 36C, although thankfully breezy and not too humid.

Blue said...

I hate to say this given your weather but here there's blossom all over the place, the dogwood has started to fill out, the trees are flushing red and green, and the yellow pine pollen is beginning to cover everything. Just in case – Drambuie is the best remedy for a cough!

ArchitectDesign™ said...

Yes I know, blogging takes a backseat -myself as well! I suppose we should console ourselves that it's good to be busy and SOMETHING has to suffer -if it's just the blog that seems pretty good! I'll be coming north to visit J&J in York for 4 days the weekend of July 12th, I suppose your shop is a few hours north?

Anonymous said...

When the inner harbor freezes, the action of the tide breaks up the sheet into smaller sections, particularly close to shore. Hopping these ice cakes, going as fast as possible so as not to sink or tip one over in transit, was a happy pastime (sometimes deliriously so, in those stoner days) helping us get through hard winters. The Dilettante might consider taking it up as means to raise his spirits.

The Down East Dilettante said...

Haha, Anonymous. The Dilettante's expanded girth would sink the floes. I do remember though, the time that Trudy Hinckley's collie ran out on an ice floe, and she followed to rescue, just enough motion to break it free, and both were floated out to the center of the harbor by the time the fire department rescue caught up with them..

Anonymous said...

Looks like Camden from Mt. Battie-
where the Blue Hills area located

The Ancient said...
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The Ancient said...

Hey, kid, I'll have you know it snowed down here *again* on Sunday. You're a "Heritage Mainer." (H/T Muffy Aldrich.) You're supposed to be stoic, tough, lean, ascetic. (I'm sure I read that somewhere.)

It's supposed to 70 down here in a couple days -- only to collapse again, perhaps to the freezing point.

I'm off to Jamaica, Comtesse de Crepitude in tow.

We'll be toasting you with Bollinger.

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Anonymous said...

Miss friends and family, but this first year of living in coastal Georgia has been bliss. I was so miserable during those long Winters!

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Anonymous said...

Maine is for the hearty of mind and body. I love it for maybe a week a year! Maybe that is why I moved very far South! But I do so love the views and it is truly a beautiful place.

Anonymous said...

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