On a quick  outing with an observant friend to the near Down East (Winter Harbor and Gouldsboro), I particularly captivated by the textures and pattern details of many of the buildings we saw.

Above, the residence hall at the former U.S. Navy Radio and Direction Finding Station on Schoodic Point at Winter Harbor, Grosvenor Atterbury Architect, 1905, commissioned by John D. Rockefeller to replace the old Fabbri Station at Otter Cliffs in Acadia National Park.

Below, the West Gouldsboro Union Church, 1894.  The parquetry work in the ceiling is especially wonderful.

Next door, a the wonderful little Tudorbethan Gouldsboro Library, designed by Fred Savage in 1906.  One of my personal fantasies is a single room private library in the garden.  This one would do just fine.  I'm sorry I couldn't get photos of the handsome interior.

Above, stonework at the Channing Chapel, Unitarian, in Winter Harbor, built as a gift in 1887 by summer resident David Flint of Boston.  The rocks, a mixture of field stone and beach rock, were transported in winter across frozen ground, and laid by a master mason, whose name is momentarily lost in the files.  The Chapel is now the Winter Harbor Library.

Below, stonework, also a mix of old stone wall salvage and beach stones, on a 1902 private cottage.  A friend has reason to speculate that the stonework may be by the same mason as the Channing Chapel.  I think he may be right.

Stone and shingle, the classic Maine summer combination, at 'Far From the Wolf' the 1892 John Godfrey Moore cottage on Grindstone Neck, by W.W. Kent of New York, one of the finest shingle style cottages,  in a crowded competition, on this remote stretch of coast.


Anonymous said...

So glad to see you posting!

ArchitectDesign™ said...

those are some gorgeous rocks...and houses!

Unknown said...

Such a delight to see such extraordinary craftsmanship in both the woodwork and the stonework! Truly nearly lost arts. Thanks so much for sharing. And again, Welcome Back!

Unknown said...

Glad this learned blog has returned!

Anonymous said...

Oh how I have missed your posts! This one is particularly fascinating to me!

I grew up (3rd generation; unheard of) in Pasadena California. I lived on "old" houses.....HA! I lived in a house built in 1907; with its foundation built out of "arroyo stones" brought from the nearby river bed.

(In California...that is REALLY OLD!!!)

We moved to Santa Barbara 18 years ago; and the stonework everywhere (roads, walls, houses, ) is exquisite! Italian stonemasons came during the early teens of last century and made their magic. The local sandstone is beautiful.....and is everywhere! Most people who build a new house here (hard to do now) excavate all kinds of great big boulders that can be crafted into beautiful landscape features!

It is fascinating to see the gorgeous things people in Maine and all the places on the Eastern Seaboard created out of their local stones, trees and other naturally occurring building materials. Gorgeous!

The use of these natural things make their houses a part of the land...and lay "lightly on the land"!

Something most of Southern California cannot claim. McMansions wreck the landscape in most places.

Montecito is a rare exception. I hope it will stay so.

I have the coolest gate. It is made from hickory branches with leather straps. (the opposite of most gates in Southern California) It is very organic; with the leather straps holding it to the gateposts.

I showed my pond man (I don't think he would object to that title) a picture. And these divine things appeared. I said......"How did you think of that?"

His answer, I think, would explain all those beautiful things you showed.

"I travel often to third world countries. They use what they have!"

So they did in Maine; and many places around the country. They used what they had. And what beauty they created with it!

Thank you for such a wonderful post!

Anonymous said...

I have missed you sweet darling!

Your fan,


Rafaelo said...

Especially enjoyed the picture of the window reflection of the photopgrapher taking a picture of the window reflection of the photographer . . .

Wonderful sotnework. Do you know how hard it is to fit round rocks together and pile them standing up straight in a wall? Try it some time.

Welcome back. Smooches.

montana channing said...

They must have stuck those stones together with spruce gum as there's no mortar in evidence but us locals know they'd never survive a frost heave.
We missed you most of all, scarecrow!

Penelope Bianchi said...


montana channing said...

to no one in particular as no one monitors old blogs but in 1970 (the dawn of time) we honeymooned for a few days (all we could afford ) at the Winter Harbor mansion that was called Harbor Hill. $43/night American plan in the lap of luxury. we couldn't have asked for better.

montana channing said...

to no one in particular as no one monitors old blogs but in 1970 (the dawn of time) we honeymooned for a few days (all we could afford ) at the Winter Harbor mansion that was called Harbor Hill. $43/night American plan in the lap of luxury. we couldn't have asked for better.

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